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Every 2nd Wednesday of the month we bring a new cybersecurity topic focused on issues facing public safety today. Each webinar is archived onto this page, remaining accessible for review. If you'd like to sign up for our upcoming webinar, click the link below.

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July 2020

Vicious Evolution of Cyber Attacks
The Vicious Evolution of Cyber Attacks
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June 2020

Best Practices & Policies
Best Cyber Practices &
Policies for Your Agency
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May 2020

COVID19 New Normal
The New Normal:
COVID-19 Encourages NG9-1-1
and Cybersecurity
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April 2020

COVID-19, Elections, Taxes:
How Hot Topics Impact
Public Safety Cybersecurity
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March 2020

BYOD & Public Safety:
Bring Your Own Doom?
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February 2020

Correcting the Five Mistakes
that Attract Hackers
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January 2020

Reviewing the Worst
Cyber Attacks of 2019
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December 2019

Addressing the Latest
DHS Alerts
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November 2019

Preparing Leadership for Cyber Attacks
Preparing ECC Leadership
For Cyber Attacks
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October 2019

Fixing The Top 5 Public Safety
Cyber Vulnerabilities
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September 2019

Should You Pay The Ransom?
Should You Pay The Ransom?
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August 2019

Analyzing The Most Crippling
Public Safety Cyber Attacks
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July 2019

How To Get Funding
For 911 Cybersecurity
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June 2019

Why & How Is 9-1-1 Targeted?
Why & How 9-1-1
Is Under Cyber Attack
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May 2019

10 Ways All Public Safety Personnel Can Help Cyber Protect 911
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April 2019

Important Public Safety Cyber Policies
The Seven Most Important
Public Safety Cyber Policies
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March 2019

Incident Response
Preparing Public Safety for a
Cyber Incident Response
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February 2019

Misconfigured Firewall
Hackers Love Your
Misconfigured Firewalls
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January 2019

2018: Reflecting on
Public Safety Cyber Attacks
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December 2018

Insider Threats
Insider Threats and
Their Impact on 9-1-1
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November 2018

Targeted Cyber Attacks
Protecting Our 9-1-1 Centers
From Targeted Cyber Attacks
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October 2018

Elections Are Coming
The Elections Are Coming:
So Are Advanced
Persistent Threats
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September 2018

Ransomware Resurgence
The Resurgence of Ransomware & Its Impact on Public Safety
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August 2018

Protecting Public Safety
Against TDoS/DDoS Attacks
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July 2018

Vulnerability Assessment
What to Expect from a Yearly Vulnerability Assessment
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June 2018

Securing Your Agency
Securing Your
Public Safety Agency:
Critical Rules and Approaches
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May 2018

Secure Communications
Secure Communications:
The Hacker's Dream
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April 2018

ESInet: The Six
Cybersecurity Challenges
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March 2018

A Rising Threat to Public Safety
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February 2018

Your Secret Admirers:
Hackers Love Your DNS
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January 2018

A Year in Reflection: Learning from the Past to Protect the Future
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December 2017

New Insights
2016 Thanksgiving Cyber Attack: New Insights
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October 2017

Hackers Gone Wild:
How Cybercriminals Impact
9-1-1 Systems
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September 2017

TDoS & DDoS Can Shut Down 9-1-1
TDoS & DDoS: How Cyber Thugs
Can Shut Down 9-1-1
and What to Do About It
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August 2017

Take Charge of Your Cyber Security
(or it may take charge of you)
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July 2017

How Hackers Infiltrate
How Hackers Infiltrate our
Public Safety Infrastructure

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June 2017

IoT: Boon or Bane?
Is the Internet of Things a
Boon or Bane for Public Safety?

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May 2017

Latest Cyber Attacks
The Latest Cyber Attacks on our Public Safety Infrastructure

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April 2017

Lessons Learned:
The Thanksgiving Cyber Attack
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March 2017

What Does Public Safety Need To Do TO Stay Cyber Safe?
What Does a Public Safety Official Need to Do to Stay Cyber Safe?

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February 2017

Russian Cyber Hacking
How to Defend Public Safety from
Russian Cyber Hacking

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January 2017

How to Defend Public Safety
from Ransomware

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