Training personnel is a key component to keeping a secure network and thwarting cyber attacks. Utilizing our company's specialized expertise and industry standards from the FCC, DHS, and NIST, our training programs prepare our clients for a wide scope of cybersecurity scenarios. We break down our training into three methods: Cyber Hygiene, Cyber Defense, and drills for responding to incidents within your network, and all of our training programs are conducted by our staff of highly trained and experienced cybersecurity professionals.

9-1-1 Training



Everyone has to use a computer or other connected device as part of their job. By increasing your team’s awareness of cybersecurity vulnerabilities and attacks, you already reduce your risk of being a victim. Many attacks rely on cyber criminals tricking people into doing something they shouldn’t. Humans make mistakes, and awareness is the first step in cyber defense.

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Small Local Governments and Public Safety Agencies often don’t have the budget to employ cybersecurity personnel, but cybersecurity for these critical infrastructures is essential and often falls onto IT’s shoulders. To help fill the cybersecurity gap in this industry, SecuLore has created an in-depth cybersecurity training for IT professionals, so they can more effectively protect the networks they manage.

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A Cyber Incident Response Plan is necessary to address the inevitable scenario in which a hacker gets past your cyber defenses; however, having a plan is only the first step. Testing the plan is the only way to discover if it’s effective. This drill-based training is designed to take leadership and their key response team through the steps of 3 different types of cyber attacks.

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