Concerns about Russians cyber-hackers meddling with our elections has been a hot news topic for a very long time now. What is important to understand is that the types of attacks attributed to foreign states are not the flashy, make-the-news ransomware types of attacks. They are insidious; they dig deep and laterally; they hide. They are known as Advanced Persistent Threats (APT). These cyber-attacks will harvest passwords, exfiltrate data, infiltrate malware, install keyloggers and more. They use our computer tools against us and hide their activities behind veils of encryption. And SecuLore has seen them present and attempting to get into our Public Safety agencies as well. With the mid-term elections soon to be upon us, it is appropriate to turn our eyes to this topic and better understand:

  • What are Advanced Persistent Threats?
  • How do we detect them?
  • How do we stop them?
  • Who likes to use them (hint – break out your foreign language books, da?)
  • Why Public Safety and how is our mission-critical infrastructure affected?