Incident Response

Providing Investigation, Containment,
Remediation, and Crisis Management.

IT Man with Laptop

A critical resource for your IT team

Our expert cyber analysts provide critical insight in determining an effective response and assessing the hazard level of the threat impacting your organization. Our patented forensic capture capabilities equip your team with the ability to recognize, review suspicious activity, and stop attacks quickly.

Incident-Response (R)

Your Remote & On-Site Experts

We provide the assistance you need to get your operations back online.

Your ally in crisis:

Led by a Cyber Warfare Expert

Sean Scott - SecuLore's CEO & CTO - is a cyber-warfare veteran. He leads our incident response teams of cybersecurity experts and certified ethical hackers (CEH).

Immediate Remote Assistance

Any time you need help we're there. Our staff is on call to aid your organization through a cyber incident.

Rapid On-Site Deployment

Our patented technology can be quickly and seamlessly deployed to provide crucial data on the cyber incident impacting your organization.

Customized Levels of Support

Our incident response team is able to resolve security incidents quickly, effectively, and at scale with comprehensive incident response, including: investigation, containment, remediation, and crisis management.

Improved Cyber Resiliency

Our patented forensic data capture capability equips your team with the tools necessary to recognize threats, review suspicious activity, and prevent further compromise of your network systems.

Post Incident Review

Once you're back online, we conduct a comprehensive incident review with your team regarding the vulnerabilities that led to the breach.

Our experts are here for you