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Cyber Incident Response Drills

Execute the steps of effective response and recovery

Prepare for the worst case scenario

A comprehensive course to prepare your staff

Our program is separated into two modules and offers cyber incident response through a combination of classroom style training and teambuilding drills. This training prepares your organization for a variety of cyber threat scenarios.

Incident-Response (L)
Readiness & Technical Drills

A full day course for your organization

This program includes:

1-Hour Network Orientation with IT

Your IT staff will debrief our experts on how your organization's network architecture is constructed, allowing our team to put together realistic cyber incident scenarios for your network.


Module 1 - Readiness

We will work together with your entire organization, including your vendors, to review your current response plan and the steps necessary to be ready for a cyber incident. 


Module 2 - Technical Drills

Our expert ethical hackers on staff will engage with your personnel, administration, and vendors in a real world scenario of a cyber incident. Your plan will confront multiple hacking methodologies, evaluating containment, isolation, and remediation methods used. Our experts walk with you each step of the way.

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