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Cybersecurity Hygiene Training

Training is critical to your organization's cyber posture.


Training for any skill level

High level cybersecurity education

Training personnel is a key component to keeping a secure network. Utilizing our company's specialized expertise and industry standards from the FCC, DHS, and NIST, our cyber hygiene training programs prepare clients for a wide scope of cybersecurity scenarios.

Train Your First Line of Defense

Keeping your staff at their best

This program includes:

Cyber Threat Awareness

Cyber threats are increasing in scope and severity. Learn about attacks plaguing your industry.

Device Acceptable Use

Everything connects to the internet now. Learn the industry standards on acceptable use of these devices.

Social Media Policies

Social media use can be necessary, but opens your organization up to cyber threats. Learn how to use it safely.

Infiltration Techniques

Learn about the tricks cyber threat actors use to get into your system and how to avoid being a victim.

Protection Techniques

Cyber-trained staff are critical during crisis. Learn best practices on passwords, phishing, and more to improve your first line of defense.

Empower your staff with training