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Cybersecurity Defense Training

Train your IT in the latest defensive techniques

A specialized educational course

Designed for those who work on critical networks

Your IT staff knows your network architecture better than anyone else. This training complements their knowledge, and provides a specialized understanding of cyber threat methodologies.

Empower your IT Staff

Advanced principles for threat deterrence

This program includes:

Understand Hacker Methodologies

Get inside the head of a hacker and understand their goals in exploiting your system.

Understand The Process

We will go through the process of a cyber attack and the steps required for a successful compromise to take place.

Detecting Incidents Quickly

Many attacks can be detected before wide spread exploitation if you know where to look.

Countering Cyber Threats

We’ll breakdown countermeasures that can be taken before an attack occurs as well as during an incident to prevent further spread.

Train your IT staff in the latest defense