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SecuLore™ CyberBenchmark

In the midst of increasing cyber attack activity against multiple industries, supply chains and public safety sectors, it's imperative to employ effective countermeasures to detect and remediate vulnerabilities.  

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Based on FCC, APCO, DHS,
and NIST Best Practices

A Comprehensive Cybersecurity Assessment

Enhance your cyber posture

The FCC recommends all organizations do an in-depth cybersecurity assessment of their networks every 90 days. This assessment fulfills your policy needs, and provides your staff with a full report of vulnerabilities and remediation recommendations.

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What you can expect from a CyberBenchmark

An Assessment Tailored to Your Network

Through an initial consultation SecuLore gains baseline information on your network architecture and cybersecurity goals, to better customize the CyberBenchmark to fit your organization’s needs.

Passive Data Capture

SecuLore Paladin is a proprietary patented network device, captures 1 week of raw data for forensic analysis.

In-Depth Data Analysis

SecuLore’s 24-step analytical process follows industry best practices and continually evolves to include the latest threat detection techniques.

Vulnerability Assessment

Ongoing Insights

Your organization will receive detailed resources and knowledge to better understand your network's vulnerabilities.

Final Presentation & Deliverables Include:

Full Post-Project Report

A complete review of the project’s findings.

Vulnerability Remediation

Actionable vulnerability remediation recommendations for each segment captured.

NIST Risk Analysis Checklist

A prioritized list of all vulnerabilities discovered based on risk.

Key Cybersecurity Policies

Customized cybersecurity policies specific to your environment.

Cyber Incident Response Plans

A recommended action plan to guide your team when a cyber incident occurs.

Master IP List

A record of all IP addresses detected with all supporting analysis.

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