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Paladin™ - The next generation cybersecurity product

Paladin - SecuLore's proprietary product - adds a defense in-depth strategy, empowering your organization with the resources needed to cyber protect your critical systems. With the combination of product and service with our security operation center (SOC), you gain trusted expertise to thwart cyber threats.


An in-depth cybersecurity assessment

Developed by experts in cyberwarfare, network architecture, and ethical hacking, the CyberBenchmark fulfills your organization's policy requirements.

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Cyber incident response

When the worst case scenario happens and your organization is the victim of a cyber incident, we are your ally. We can help you discover the indicators of compromise, patient zero, and provide you the cybersecurity expertise you need to get your operations back online.

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Training for all levels technology expertise

Training personnel is a key component to keeping a secure network and thwarting cyber threats. Our training programs prepare our clients for a wide scope of cybersecurity scenarios. 

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