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SecuLore's Paladin™ is a cybersecurity network appliance that monitors all data between the firewall and external data sources, and helps you protect your network. Its unique visualization technique shines a light on hacker activity by providing situational awareness of cybersecurity threats and breaches.


Paladin™ is currently capable of two configurations, Watcher and Overwatch.

Watcher mode is our basic service, providing your IT technicians with visualization and monitoring capabilities for your network.

Overwatch mode comes with all of the features of Watcher, and includes further services such as monitoring by a SecuLore cyber expert and weekly reports.

No matter the configuration you decide to use, all updates and maintenance are included with your Paladin™ service.

More configurations are in development!

  Watcher Overwatch Works with existing cybersecurity
No software
Captures critical
attack info
Remote configuration and updates
Daily checks by
cyber expert
Weekly network security reviews with cyber expert
Custom vulnerability alerts via email
Secure remote visualization

"We know that defending PSAPs from cyberattacks is a major challenge. Most states and local jurisdictions lack the resources to develop in-house cyber expertise or hire a cyber-trained workforce to protect PSAPs."
- Rear Admiral David Simpson 


The Paladin is designed to sit between your firewall and your internet service provider, continuously monitoring all network traffic. With this technique, your Public Safety IT personnel can gain awareness of system vulnerabilities, allowing them to adjust their firewall to blacklist cyber-threats and prevent an attack before it occurs.

Paladin Configuration


Reach a deeper understanding of your network by utilizing our intuitive interface. This unique visualization technique shines a light on hacker activity by providing situational awareness of cybersecurity threats and breaches. See all traffic coming in and going out of your network in real time.

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SecuLore's CyberBenchmark™ is the only cybersecurity risk assessment built specifically for public safety and based upon FCC, DHS, and NIST best practices. This in-depth report identifies vulnerabilities and provides prioritized, actionable recommendations to improve your cybersecurity.

The FCC recommends that all PSAPs complete an annual cyber vulnerability assessment to guard against cyber attacks that could take down 9-1-1 systems. As a member of the FCC’s Task Force for Optimal PSAP Architecture, SecuLore designed the CyberBenchmark™ to fit public safety's unique cybersecurity needs. Utilizing our unique monitoring service - Paladin, we visualize actual traffic that is flowing into and out of the Center and analyze this traffic with an understanding of the types of public safety attacks that SecuLore tracks nationally.

This process includes the following stages:

Identify & Discover:


Assess & Prioritize:

Risk Factors

Implement & Operate:

Documentation & Controls
Remediation Plans

Monitor & Analyze:


Test & Evaluate:

Contingency Plans

Improve & Evolve:

Re-assess & Re-evaluate
Training Awareness