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The Seven Most Important Public Safety Cyber Policies

Our presenters are experts in cyber warfare, network architecture, and ethical hacking, providing thought leadership on cybersecurity topics.

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The Seven Most Important Public Safety Cyber Policies

Technology has become an integral part of our day-to-day lives, both at home and at work. As more of the devices we use connect to the internet, we need to be mindful of the technology related behaviors we allow in our 9-1-1 centers. Does your center have cybersecurity policies? Do you know what they are or when they were last updated? Hackers' cyber attack strategies are constantly evolving, if we don’t keep our policies up-to-date, we risk leaving our people and critical systems open to attack. Watch our on-demand webinar where we discuss which cyber policies are most important for Public Safety in 2019.

In this on demand webinar we discuss:

  • The top 7 cyber polices for public safety
  • The value of having cyber polices before a cyber incident occurs
  • How to utilize and practice these policies (so they are actually useful!)
  • How often you should update/revise these policies to keep up with technology

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