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Protecting Our 9-1-1 Centers From Targeted Cyber Attacks

Our presenters are experts in cyber warfare, network architecture, and ethical hacking, providing thought leadership on cybersecurity topics.

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Protecting Our 9-1-1 Centers From Targeted Cyber Attacks

Over the last several months we have discussed a variety of attacks: Ransomware, Cryptojacking, Advanced Persistent Threats, DDoS/TDoS, and others. We’ve seen criminals and state actors use these techniques for targeted attacks against our public safety infrastructure. In this webinar, we discuss how to address these attacks head-on. We combine lessons learned from actual public safety attacks with proven techniques that keep our systems safer and harder to compromise.

In this on demand webinar we discuss:
  • How to best protect against ransomware
  • How to look for cryptojacking – and root it out
  • How to identify the tell-tale signs of APTs
  • How to architect your systems to make them more cyber-resilient

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