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Incidents from the Trenches

Our presenters are experts in cyber warfare, network architecture, and ethical hacking, providing thought leadership on cybersecurity topics.

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Incidents from the Trenches

October is National Cybersecurity Awareness month, and what better time than October’s Halloween season to remind us of the scary things that can happen as a result of a cyber attack? True to form, in our October Webinar we tell tales of actual incidents we’ve handled: our version of Tales from the Crypt. From minor issues caught before they became major events to responding to attacks that crippled 9-1-1 centers, expect to be frightened by the possibilities: loss of control, damage to trust and reputation, and worry for your community. However, we would never let you leave without shining a ray of hope on the subject. Discover how preparation, vigilance, persistence, and team work can put those ghosts and ghouls to rest. Though our tales may scare you, the lessons learned are invaluable and the good guys can win in the end.

In this on demand webinar we discuss:
  • How playing with firewalls can be dangerous
  • How to play whack-a-mole with hackers – and win
  • How a virus can infect you via VPN if you aren’t careful
  • How losing control of your domain controllers can cause insanity
  • How an attentive IT team saved Thanksgiving day

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