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Behavior Based Cybersecurity, and Why You Need It

Our presenters are experts in cyber warfare, network architecture, and ethical hacking, providing thought leadership on cybersecurity topics.


Behavior Based Cybersecurity,
and Why You Need It

The world's technology continues to race down the road of advancement. In the same manner, cyber threats continue to evolve their capabilities and impact at an exponential rate, but they must still follow a fundamental rule; form follows function. By observing the function of cyber attack vectors, these forms - these CyberShapes™ - emerge. In the 21st century, behavior based cybersecurity is an essential component to keep your organization or agency cyber safe.

In this webinar we discuss:

  • How cyber threats are evolving
  • The principles of behavior based cybersecurity
  • Why AI combined with a SOC team is a winning combination

Join us for our upcoming monthly webinar on Wednesday, May 12th at 2PM EDT