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4 Year Anniversary - The Twitter TDoS Attack

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4 Year Anniversary - The Twitter TDoS Attack

November 2020 marks the four year anniversary of the Twitter TDoS attack, a Telephony Denial of Service attack that impacted 9-1-1 calls across multiple states. Public safety's Emergency Communications Centers are essential to protecting the public, and hackers know the sinister value of delaying or altogether stopping 9-1-1 response. In this webinar, we look back on the event and our experts uncover what led to the incident. We study the cyber attack methods used at the time and new attack methodologies hackers are using.

In thhis on demand webinar we discuss:
  • How a Telephony Denial of Service attack works
  • How vulnerable public safety is to TDoS attack methods
  • New TDoS attack methodologies bad actors are using

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