Cybersecurity Guidelines

Providing the cybersecurity resources needed for public safety and beyond

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CISA provides an extensive list of cybersecurity directives.

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NIST International Cybersecurity and Privacy Resources.

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Cybersecurity from the Best

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Our cybersecurity experts have worked alongside the FCC, DHS, NIST, and CISA for years, aiding in the development of several publications, including the Task Force on Optimal PSAP Architecture. 

June, 2022

CISA Releases Cloud Security Technical Reference Architecture

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Analysis Reports

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) continually develops analysis reports - working jointly with DHS and the FBI - on the latest cyber threats. Our cybersecurity experts utilize these resources to defend our clients.

CISA North Korean Activity - Hidden Cobra

North Korean Malicious Cyber Activity

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JAR - Russian APT Grizzly Steppe

JAR on Russian APT Activity - GRIZZLY STEPPE

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Cybersecurity for Public Safety 

Arm your agency with information

We continually develop and aggregate the best guidelines you can begin implementing in your agency and network today. 

Cybersecurity Introduction for PSAPS, APCO

APCO Cybersecurity Introduction

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iCERT E-PS-T sm 450X

Industry Council for Emergency Response Technologies

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Task Force on Optimal PSAP Architecture

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NIST Critical Infrastructu Cybersecurity Framework

NIST Cybersecurity Framework

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Resources for NG9-1-1

Stay informed on the progress of NG9-1-1 as your public safety agency continues to upgrade its technology.


CISA & SAFECOM Transition Resources for NG9-1-1

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Cyber Risks to Next Generation 9-1-1

Cybersecurity Risks to Next Generation

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