West Virginia Cyber Attacks

Infrastructure Affected

Public Safety
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Public Safety

Ohio Valley Medical Center, Ohio County

Breach Type - Ransomware


  • Two major hospitals fell victim to ransomware
  • Emergency room hindered to walk-in patients only
  • Ambulances placed on yellow diversion
  • Emergency Services diverted to other area hospitals
  • Several systems taken offline
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Local Government

West Virginia Parkways Authority hit by cyber-attack, Kanawha County

Breach Type – Hacking, Malware

WSAZ News Channel 3

  • “The West Virginia Parkways Authority was the victim of a cyber-attack Friday morning"
  • “The cyber attack only affected internal computer systems which handle email, telephones, and various non-critical applications."
  • “There is no indication customer data was breached."
  • “We have contained the incident and are in the process of conducting a thorough investigation with the assistance of state and federal cybersecurity experts.”
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Bridgeport city government hacked, residents put on notice, Harrison County

Breach Type – Hacking, Ransomware


  • "Residents of Bridgeport have been notified city government was hacked in late May of this year. A five-page letter to residents said city IT systems were encrypted by ransomware that lets hackers hold data until a ransom is paid."
  • "City officials have told residents operations were restored and the FBI Cyber Crimes Division was notified immediately."
  • "There is no proof hackers were able to access information, but information that was available includes social security numbers, birth dates, addresses, driver’s license numbers and any other information used to establish any city account."
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Harrison County Courthouse & Brooke County Government Systems, Harrison County & Brooke County

Breach Type - Unknown, Ransomware

WV News

  • County officials are attempting to gather information about a cyber attack that attempted to gain ransom payment
  • The ransom was paid in an attempt to gain the information back due to the shear amount of information blocked
  • 85% of the ransom was paid and the additional information was given once requested even though chances were unlikely
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West Virginia State Auditor's Office

Breach Type - Phishing, Other


  • Fraudulent emails sent out in mass
  • Recipients sent to phishing websites
  • Users requested to change passwords immediately
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West Virginia State Bar President's Email, Kanawha County

Breach Type - Phishing, Other


  • Fraudulent emails being sent out to members
  • Hackers requesting payment information
  • No phishing links included in emails
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West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection (DEP)

Breach Type - Hack


  • DEP forced to take down external applications
  • States there is no reason to suspect personal data was compromised
  • Investigating computer breach
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Prestera Center for Mental Health Services, Kanawha County

Breach Type – Phishing, Data Breach

Data Breaches

  • A data breach incident may have resulted in unauthorized access to private information of patients
  • Investigations discovered the breach was involving Prestera's business email environment
  • Complimentary identity theft restoration and credit monitoring services have been offered to those affected
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Elkins Rehabilitation & Care Center, Randolph County

Breach Type – Phishing, Malware

Data Breaches

  • Healthcare center notified patients and employees of likely cyberattack
  • Officials offered resources to help mitigate further damage
  • IT personnel conducted an intensive investigation, discovered numerous breaches
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Pleasant Valley Hospital, Mason County

Breach Type – Unknown, Malware

Gallipolis Daily Tribune

  • Pleasant Valley Hospital hit with malware cyberattack
  • Officials believed attack was isolated, unsure of future disruptions
  • Hospital took extra precautions to protect patient information
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Princeton Community Hospital

Breach Type - Ransomware


  • Princeton hit by ransomware attack, unable to access files
  • Patient data potentially breached
  • Hospital had previously established protocols for offline network, ensuring continuation of patient care
  • Hospital felt inclined to pay small ransom of $300
  • Remains unknown if Princeton paid ransom
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Appalachian Regional Hospital

Breach Type - Hack

The Register-Herald

  • Hackers planted malware in the electronic web-based services & electronic communications
  • Computers shut down to prevent further spread of breaching virus
  • All patient care handled manually
  • Appalachian did not report incident to law enforcement
  • Remains unknown what information hackers accessed during the breach
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Wood County Schools; Wood County

Breach Type – Unknown, Malware

News and Sentinel

  • Wood county hoped to be rid of malware that can potentially affect it for years to come
  • The malware was able to affect door controls, phone systems and more on the school's network
  • In hopes to combat future occurrences all passwords within the county are being changed to a longer recommended length of 14 characters
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Mercer County Schools

Breach Type - Phishing

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

  • Mercer County Schools hit through W-2 form phishing scheme
  • County employees offered one year of free credit monitoring
  • FBI notified on data breach
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Kanawha County Board of Education

Breach Type - Ransomware


  • Kanawha County Board of Education server hit with ransomware
  • No personal information compromised in attack
  • IT worked to restore server using backups
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