South Dakota Cyber Attacks

Infrastructure Affected

Public Safety
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Public Safety

South Dakota Department of Public Safety’s Fusion Center, Hughes County

Breach Type – Hacking, Data Breach

Keloland Media Group

  • Private information compromised after data center was hit in cyberattack
  • Officials believed banking and Social Security numbers remained secure
  • Law enforcement notified of the attack, officials cooperating with investigation
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Hutchinson County & Hutchinson County Sheriff’s Office, Hutchinson County

Breach Type - Unknown, Ransomware


  • Hutchinson County attacked by ransomware virus Ryuk, likely from foreign assailants
  • Most courthouse functions were affected for over a week, including government accounts
  • Two departments were unaffected as they were isolated from the server
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Local Government

Brown County received notifications of a breach when computer system shut down in August

Breach Type – Unknown, Malware

Aberdeen News

  • "the incident started on Aug. 1 when the county's information technology department received a notification that an external agency had set up malware to activate and/or extract data from the county computer system."
  • "Brown County officials said they immediately shut down the computer system, then an external firm was hired to investigate. Meints said that investigation showed whoever got into the county system did not get any information, and it's unknown what information they sought."
  • “…that no ransom was paid by the county,"
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City of Sioux Falls

Breach Type - Phishing

Argus Leader

  • South Dakota's largest city fell victim to spear-phishing scheme
  • Hackers posed as trusted city vendor
  • Instructed city finance department to reroute payments to new bank account
  • City hopes to be reimbursed by its enhanced crime insurance
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City of Belle Fourche

Breach Type - Ransomware

Black Hills Pioneer

  • City staff noticed strange activity on computer
  • City's IT immediately began changing passwords and shutting down computers
  • Hackers got into city's server and started encrypting files
  • City performed restoration of server through backups
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Avera Health data breach affects 700 patients, Minnehaha County

Breach Type – Hacking, Data Breach

Rapid City Journal

  • "The private information of hundreds of patients at a Sioux Falls-based health care system have been compromised."
  • "Avera Health says a data breach allowed someone to obtain the personal information of about 700 patients who received care at Avera McKennan Hospital and University Health Center."
  • "The information includes names, Social Security numbers, phone numbers, addresses, birth dates and email addresses."
  • "Avera Health was alerted to the breach by one of its vendors, MCG Health, which was also affected."
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Hackers breach South Dakota health system, Codington County

Breach Type – Hacking, Data Breach

Becker Hospital Review

  • “Prairie Lakes Healthcare System is notifying patients that unauthorized activity disrupted its network and it is investigating the scope of the breach."
  • "On Oct. 6, the Watertown, S.D.-based health system experienced a network disruption that affected some of its computer systems"
  • "The health system said it took immediate action to secure the system when the breach was discovered, and it restored critical systems so the hospital could continue to operate."
  • "The investigation has not discovered any evidence hackers accessed protected health information, according to the release. However, if it is uncovered that hackers accessed patient information, the health system will notify affected patients"
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All About Potential Family Chiropractic, Lawrence County

Breach Type – Unknown, Ransomware

Health IT Security

  • Family healthcare center among 28 other companies hit
  • Numerous healthcare providers failed to report data breach
  • Bad actors posted private data of all victims online
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Data Breaches

  • Bad actors dumped select data from healthcare provider
  • Employment records and private health information released
  • Healthcare provider had not yet posted any statement about breach
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Plastic Surgery Associates of South Dakota

Breach Type - Ransomware

Healthcare IT News

  • Discovered ransomware & worked to mitigate virus with third party investigators
  • Discovered most patient data remained safe from hackers
  • Most evidence of hackers wiped during virus removal process
  • Offering free credit monitoring to those potentially affected
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