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Public Safety

Porter, Ind., PD Investigates Suspicious Network Activity, Porter County

Breach Type – Unknown, Other

  • “Something not quite right appearing on a computer screen within the Porter Police Department triggered an emergency response by the town over the weekend and an investigation by a private cybersecurity firm.”
  • Police Chief Todd Allen said the issue is not any wrongdoing among staff, but rather a "network security incident."
  • ”The computer in question was immediately removed from the department's network and it appears that there was no security breach, Allen said. The balance of the department's system is up and running fine..”
  • ”Group 1001 remediated the indicators of compromise after the scan and deployed endpoint protection..”
  • ”Group 1001 will notify any impacted parties after the investigation is complete.
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Ransomware attack forces Indiana hospital to divert patients, Marion County

Breach Type – Unknown, Ransomware

Becker Hospital Review

  • -"Indianapolis-based Eskenazi Health shut down its IT network and went on diversion early Aug. 4 in response to an attempted ransomware attack"
  • -"The hospital shut down its network around 3:30 a.m. Aug. 4 "out of an abundance of caution" and to maintain the safety of patient care,"
  • -"Eskenazi confirmed that no patient or employee data has been compromised by the attack,"
  • "We are working system by system with a high level of due diligence to analyze all systems before bringing them back online,"
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Vigo County Sheriff’s Office & 911 Systems, Vigo County

Breach Type – Unknown, Malware


  • Vigo County Sheriff's Office victim of malware cyber attack
  • Officials stated that law enforcement services were not affected
  • Deputies forced to file paper reports, delays in email responses
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  • Sheriff's Office unsure how cyber attack occurred
  • Dispatch CAD systems were down due to malware virus
  • Phone lines were also taken out of commission
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Madison County

Breach Type - Ransomware

Wish TV

  • County commissioners vote about paying ransom to hackers
  • Most county office systems locked up, except ballots and voting records
  • Gov. claims 911 operations unaffected
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ARS Technica

  • Police captain states that everything was completed via pen and paper
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CSO Online

  • County pays ransom $21,000
  • Pays IT Contractors $198,000 to protect against future infections
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Local Government

Shelby County government hit with cyber attack

Breach Type – Hacking, Other


  • "Shelby County government experienced a cyber attack on March 2. However, the county claims the bad actors were unable to access any of the county’s data."
  • "According to Shelby County Commissioner, Jason Abel, an overseas 3rd party attempted to access the county’s IT network by exploiting a vulnerability in a commercial software system."
  • ”So far, the investigation into the matter has not revealed sufficient evidence that would indicate the records were acquired by the unauthorized 3rd party,” said Abel."
  • ”The county’s IT administrator has taken steps to restore operations to a normal state, using the data backups that are regularly made to protect the county from potential ransomware attacks, according to the county.”
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Cyberattack on Indianapolis Housing Agency has landlords, tenants concerned, Marion County

Breach Type – Unknown, Ransomware

  • “Some people say the agency has offered little to no information about the attack, or what is being done aside from a sign posted on one of the agency's doors. The posted note from IHA reads, in part, "We have been working alongside our internal IT teams and external IT consultants, and we have sought the help of forensics experts to help us address this issue. IHA has also engaged law enforcement, who are working to identify those involved."
  • ”The note goes on to say that IHA is working with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to ensure payments are made. "Being transparent about this situation is important," said Gebregziabher. "Everyone is stressed out if I'm going to get kicked out. The landlord doesn't know when he's going to get paid, and he has to pay his mortgages. It's just a vicious cycle."
  • “According to IHA, residents are not at risk of being evicted under the Housing Assistance Payments Contract and HUD regulations, but that hasn't stopped many people from worrying. Gebregziabher said he is fortunate because he has other streams of income including his construction company, One Home At A Time Roofing and Restoration, to keep him afloat while he waits on his rent payments, but he said other landlords might not be as lucky.”
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Indianapolis Housing Agency’s server hacked by cyber thieves, Marion County

Breach Type – Hacking, DoS

  • “The internal information and email system of the Indianapolis Housing Agency has been down since at least Monday after being hacked by cyber thieves.”
  • ”The personal information of approximately 25,000 IHA residents plus the data from vendors and employees as well as financial transactions shared with the Department of Housing and Urban Development are likely at risk.”
  • “One expert said the average cost of resolving a data breach is $4.4 million.”
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Elkhart deputy city attorney hacked, Elkhart County

Breach Type – Hacking, Other

ABC57 News

  • “Michiana officials have recently been targets for emails hacks, as Elkhart Deputy City attorney, Randy Arndt, falls victim in the latest hack.”
  • “The hack took place on Thursday evening, evening, we thousands of emails went out from a hacker, pretending to look for applicants for a law firm, then eventually asking for money from anyone who followed the instructions.”
  • “The Elkhart city Information Technology department, is labeling it a brute force attack, where the hacker gathers a large number of passwords and attempts all of them until successfully logging in.”
  • "We had a breach in someone’s email account. It was appeared to be a brute force attack. They got into the account, sent out an error email, and we isolated it and resolved the issue," said Elkhart city I.T. Director Richard Warfield.”
  • "It posed no danger to anyone as we have mechanisms in place to isolate certain things if we get let’s say a ransom ware attack, we have things in place to catch that and stop it in its tracks," said Warfield.”
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Cyber attack hits Marion County Public Health Department 2 weeks after Eskenazi Health

Breach Type – Unknown, Malware

Fox59 News

  • "Two weeks after an attempted cybersecurity attack on Eskenazi Health Systems, we now know the Marion County Public Health Department is also being impacted.”
  • “As of Wednesday, August 18, several online services remain offline across both organizations.”
  • “The Health and Hospital Corporation of Marion County recently experienced an attempted cyber event that has impacted the Marion County Public Health Department as well as Eskenazi Health. Our monitoring systems functioned as they are designed to, allowing us to proactively shut down our network early on the morning of Aug. 4 to maintain the safety and integrity of our data. We brought our electronic medical record system back online on Sunday, Aug. 8. We continue the steady and intensive progress of analyzing additional systems and bringing them safely back online.”
  • “Staff at the Marion County Public Health Department are prepared to take requests and assist with limited services such as birth certificates and immunization records, administrating vaccines, and responding to food and housing complaints.”
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Gary, Indiana targeted by ransomware attack

Breach Type – Unknown, Ransomware


  • The city of Gary is trying to recover from a ransomware attack
  • The FBI and the Department of Homeland Security were both alerted and a city spokesperson says they're still investigating if anyone's personal information was stolen
  • If we discover that any information was compromised, we'll work with residents to offer some kind of remedy
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Kokomo-Howard Public Library, Howard County

Breach Type – Unknown, Ransomware

Kokomo Perspective

  • The Public Library fell victim to a ransomware attack that cost the government nearly $5,000
  • The ransomware was reported on Sept. 25th and had been reported to the FBI
  • Bad actors were able to gain access to the Library's systems and install ransomware into servers
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Lawrence County Government Systems, Lawrence County

Breach Type – Unknown, Malware


  • County telephone services remained offline following cyberattack
  • Officials confirmed emergency services remained unaffected
  • IT personnel were unable to determine type of malware used
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Lake County Government Systems, Lake County

Breach Type – Unknown, Ransomware

NWI Times

  • A cyber attack had shut down all of lake county's email services and several internal applications
  • In attempts to repair the IT department is installing security software to prevent any re-infection
  • It was discovered that the ransomware laid dormant in the servers until recently emerging
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Pike Township Government Systems, Marion County

Breach Type – Unknown, Malware


  • Township officials advised that Pike Township was victim of cyber attack
  • Pike Township government stated that IT department was working to restore data
  • Officials advised that emergency services remained fully operational
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Vigo County Government Systems, Vigo County

Breach Type - Unknown, Malware


  • A recent attack had delayed the operations of Vigo County but had not made outlasting effects on the total operations in the systems
  • The type of malware was uncertain but it was clarified that no demands for money were made
  • Initially the attack was detected on a network monitoring system that allowed for an early assessment and early actions
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La Porte County Government Systems

Breach Type – Unknown, Malware


  • Computer and email systems disabled by malware attack
  • Thankfully, the county commission authorized a cybersecurity policy last year
  • IT director and her team shut down computer systems as soon as malware was found
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Huntington County System, Huntington County

Breach Type - Hacking, Other

Indiana Economic Digest

  • Cartersville’s Huntington county system attacked, numerous devices infected
  • City's water department required full rebuild of system
  • Officials uncertain if personal or sensitive information was compromised
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Howard County Government Systems, Howard County

Breach Type - Unknown, Malware

Kokomo Tribune

  • Howard County government hit with virus targeting financial information
  • Malware affected courthouse, government building, and administration center, among others
  • Staff forced to make hand copies until network is restored
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Vigo County Government

Breach Type - Phishing, Malware


  • Hack left systems without internet activity for several days
  • Virus was leaked in through an email with the sole purpose to steal financial data
  • Data appears to be left untampered after systems fell onto backups
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Indiana National Guard

Breach Type - Ransomware


  • A state server with personnel information was subject to ransomware attack
  • Indiana national guard notified the affected individuals
  • The server contained information on civilian and military guard members
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McCordsville Manager Email Account, Hancock Co.

Breach Type - Phishing, Other

Greenfield Reporter

  • Town manager's email address hacked
  • Hackers used compromised accounts to send spam messages to residents
  • Malicious attachment distributed in mass email
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Federal Regulatory Energy Commission

Breach Type - Cryptojack/Other

Star Advertiser

  • Iranian consulting firm accused of hacking state and university computers
  • Hacking firm worked for years to infiltrate & steal government data
  • Computer breach extends to Hawaii & Indiana
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Michigan City Hall, Mayor's Administrator's Email

Breach Type - Phishing


  • Department received phone calls about suspicious emails sent from Mayor's Administrator
  • Malicious email sent to all contacts from Administrator's address book
  • Few people clicked link & those individuals are being closely monitored
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Indiana State Website

Breach Type - Cryptojack/Other


  • Over 4,200 victims hijacked to mine Monero cryptocurrency
  • Secretly hijacked using compromised plug-in called "Browsealoud"
  • Though sites were affected for hours, no user data was affected/compromised
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Hartford City

Breach Type - Phishing

The Star Press

  • West Virginia woman uses online scam to steal money from Hartford's municipal government
  • Tricked city clerk treasurer into wiring 16,000+ to someone posing as the city Mayo
  • Police recovered most of the funds from West Virginia woman, now charged with level 6 felony
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Fayette County

Breach Type - Hack

ndiana Economic Digest

  • Attacks on county email system
  • Employees locked out of email
  • Hacking attempts from China, Russia, Bulgaria, Romania
  • County begins process of backing up files on offline servers
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Franklin County Indiana Auditor System

Breach Type - Hack

Massive Alliance

  • Low financial systems used to track finances & took hit from attack
  • Franklin County remains private about attack details
  • Information at risk is unknown
  • Low Associates works toward a solution
  • Unsure if breach was remote or internal
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Marion & Brownsburg County

Breach Type - Ransomware

Fox 59

  • Ransomware hits Brownsburg library and Marion county fairgrounds
  • Ransomware locks up computer systems
  • Tech support tells administration they cannot do anything about the encrypted files
  • Hackers ask for $1,000 in bitcoin
  • Brownsburg pays ransom, fairgrounds refuse to pay ransom
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LaPorte County

Breach Type - Phishing

NWI Times

  • County employee opens email containing virus
  • County's server disabled for 3 days while virus was removed
  • Employees worked manually – delaying day to day business
  • LaPorte Co. purchases a cyber insurance policy for future preventative measures
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Howard County

Breach Type - Ransomware

Kokomo Perspective

  • Employees opened email with malicious ransomware virus
  • Infection spread through computer systems
  • IT department fixed damage
  • Backup files were offline, making them easy to restore
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Community Health Network Notifies 1.5M of Data Breach Stemming From Tracking Tech, Marion County

Breach Type – Unknown, Data Breach

Health IT Security

  • “Indiana-based integrated healthcare system Community Health Network notified 1.5 million individuals of a data breach stemming from the use of third-party tracking technologies from companies like Facebook and Google."
  • "As previously reported, Meta (Facebook’s parent company) is facing scrutiny over the use of tracking pixels on hospital websites and even inside password-protected patent portals. Tracking pixels are typically used for tracking visitor activity and trends and for targeted marketing. In the case of Community Health Network, the health system said it used the tracking tech to “better understand how patients and other users interacted with our website.”
  • "Upon learning of concerns about the use of third-party tracking technologies by healthcare organizations, Community initiated an internal investigation that included engaging a third-party forensic firm to perform a detailed technical evaluation of the technologies implemented on our websites and applications,” the notice explained."
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Personal Information from Indiana Practice Patients Found on Dark Web, Marion County

Breach Type – Unknown, Ransomware

Becker Hospital Review

  • “A suburban Indianapolis neurology practice is notifying 363,000 patients that their personal health information may have been compromised in a May 20 ransomware attack."
  • “Some patient data from the ransomware attack was posted on the dark web. Goodman Campbell Brain and Spine of Carmel, Ind., notified the FBI after the attack, which affected communications systems and resulted in compromised patient information."
  • "Information compromised in the attack included patient names, dates of birth, address, telephone numbers, email addresses, medical record numbers, patient account numbers, diagnosis and treatment information, insurance information and Social Security numbers."
  • "While no perpetrator has been officially named, the Russian ransomware group Hive was implicated"
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Hackers gained access, deployed ransomware in just 2 minutes, Indiana health system says, Johnson County

Breach Type – Hacking, Ransomware

Becker Hospital Review

  • "It took just two minutes for hackers to breach a hospital's network and deploy ransomware on Franklin, Ind.-based Johnson Memorial Health"
  • "About 15 minutes later, the health system's IT team found the attack and shut down the computer system"
  • "The health system has not received any requests for ransom as of Oct. 4, according to the report. The system's IT team is preparing for the possibility of having to rebuild the entire system"
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Schneck Medical Center hit with cyber attack, Jackson County

Breach Type – Hacking, Malware

local news Digital

  • "Schneck Medical Center in Seymour announced on Wednesday that its health network was a victim of a cyber attack that affected organizational operations"
  • "Out of an abundance of caution, access to all IT applications within their facilities was suspended."
  • "Schneck say they are in the process of enhancing their IT security protocols. Third-party security partners have also been engaged to restore operations as quickly as possible."
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Summit Medical Associates, Allen County

Breach Type – Unknown, Ransomware

PR News Wire

  • The summit medical systems discovered that access to some of their data was denied prompting investigations
  • This data was found to be encrypted and that bad actors potentially gained access to private network
  • It is unknown what the bad actors had done with the compromised sensitive medical data
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Lafayette Regional Rehabilitation Hospital, Tippecanoe County

Breach Type – Phishing, Data Breach

Data Breaches

  • Employee email account was likely used in phishing cyberattack
  • Patient information was present in emails from affected time period
  • Name and date of birth were some of the private information leaked
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Select Health Network, St. Joseph County

Breach Type – Phishing, Data Breach

Data Breaches

  • Cyber investigation was unable to determine extent of phishing breach
  • Health center notified business partners and some patients about attack
  • Officials were only able to advise affected individuals to watch for suspicious activity
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Goshen Health, Elkhart County

Breach Type – Phishing, Data Breach

The Elkhart Truth

  • Indiana health center was victim of phishing cyberattack
  • Bad actors likely accessed employee email accounts
  • Information leaked included name, address, date of birth, among others
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Lutheran Health Network & Lutheran Hospital, Allen County

Breach Type - Malware

  • Computer virus attacked Lutheran Health Network
  • Lutheran Hospital placed on ambulance diversion as a result
  • Hospital canceled appointments during downtime due to virus
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Purdue University Pharmacy Tippecanoe Co. & Family Health Clinic of Carroll Co.

Breach Type - Hack

Journal & Courier Online

  • Purdue University Pharmacy discovered unauthorized access file installed on their server
  • No evidence data was exfiltrated or accessed
  • Purdue discovered Family Health of Carroll Co. Affected in malware scheme
  • Malware installed on computer which scans health insurance cards
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Allied Physicians of Michiana, St. Joseph County

Breach Type - Ransomware

South Bend Tribune

  • Ransomware variant known as Samsam – hits Allied Physicians of Michiana
  • Hired third-party to mitigate attack
  • Most systems restored without signifact disruption to patient care
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Adams Memorial Hospital

Breach Type - Ransomware


  • Network slowed and blanked before displaying word "sorry"
  • Ransom note indicates the ransomware variant is Samsam
  • IT working to fully restore servers, recovering patient data
  • Adams Memorial worked to ensure no interruption in patient care
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Hancock Health

Breach Type - Ransomware

Greenfield Reporter

  • Attack on servers causes Hancock Health to shut down
  • Hancock notified county emergency center
  • Anyone needing medical attention will be taken outside the county
  • Heavily affecting dispatchers and fire departments as they are forced to re-route patients
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Greenfield Reporter

  • Paid $55,000 ransom to hackers
  • From a business standpoint Hancock felt it was a small price to pay
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Waverly Health Center

Breach Type - Ransomware

KWAY Radio

  • Ransomware virus encrypted entire computer system
  • Waverly working to restore systems without paying ransom
  • Safe patient care is their number one priority
  • For the time being, paper documentation used instead of electronic
  • Rescheduled appointments that were not critical
  • No personal data believed to be compromised
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Orleans Medical Clinic

Breach Type - Hack

Data Breaches

  • Electronic health record data left unsecured after server was upgraded
  • Hackers gained access to this record for 22 days
  • Investigation could not conclude if hackers accessed personal data
  • Upon discovering the vulnerability, the clinic acted to secure the server
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DeKalb Health

Breach Type - Ransomware

Security Week

  • DeKalb spokesperson admitted temporary disruption on administrative server due to ransomware attack
  • DeKalb did not pay the ransom
  • No catastrophic damage to their networks
  • DeKalb acted to ensure its patients received best care during this time
  • Patients transferred & EMS was rerouted to other hospitals
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King's Daughters' Health

Breach Type - Ransomware

Becker's Hospital Review

  • Phishing email launches ransomware attack on King's Daughters' system
  • Systems shut down to fight ransomware attack
  • Health system officials believe only one user's files were compromised
  • Director of IT at King's Daughters, states that no patient data was compromised
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Wawasee Hit With Ransomware, Kosciusko County

Breach Type – Unknown, Ransomware

Times Union Online

  • “Wawasee Community School Corporation is dealing with a possible ransomware attack that began late last week”.
  • “According to a statement released to parents Friday, provided by Superintendent Dr. Steve Troyer to the Times-Union Monday night, at approximately 6 a.m. Friday Wawasee officials were alerted to a possible ransomware attack on one of the district’s computers.”
  • “We immediately took action to shut down our network and began investigating the possible breach,” the statement says. “As part of that protocol, we alerted the Indiana Department of Education and the FBI/Department of Homeland Security. As we continued our investigation, we confirmed that we had been subject to a ransomware attack that impacted all of our Windows-based computers, servers and other technology systems. This caused significant disruption to our operations throughout the day but our teachers, staff and students were great as they have adapted to the challenging circumstances.”
  • ”At this time, Wawasee officials do not believe student and employee information and data systems are impacted as they are not located on the school corporation’s local servers.”
  • ”It also thanks the technology staff for working through the situation and students and staff for being flexible and shifting plans when necessary”
  • .
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Ink Free News

  • “A ransomware attack on Wawasee Community Schools late last week is now being investigated by the FBI, Department of Homeland Security and the Indiana Department of Education.”
  • “Dr. Stephen Troyer, superintendent of Wawasee Community Schools, explained during a phone interview Monday afternoon, Jan. 23, that around 6 a.m. Friday, Jan. 20, the school corporation was alerted to a possible ransomware attack which shut down all Windows-based systems. A ransom was demanded, $1.5 million if paid within five days of the attack, $2.5 million if paid after the first five days. “Essentially it’s extortion,” he said.”
  • “While all school servers connected to the internet or devices that were linked, such as computers to printers, were affected, student devices were not. The attack also did not affect any records regarding student, staff or teacher information. Troyer explained that information is stored off-site.”
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Martin University Announces Data Security Incident, Marion County

Breach Type – Unknown, Ransomware

PR Newswire

  • “Martin University today announced that it, like many other colleges and universities across the nation, experienced a recent ransomware attack."
  • “The university learned of the suspicious activity on January 3, 2022. It immediately hired security experts and a computer forensic investigator to analyze the system, ensure its safety, and determine whether the incident impacted anyone's personal information."
  • "Although the incident prevented access to student services, financial systems, along with some financial aid transactions, Martin's cyber security consultants and Information Technology team worked diligently to regain access to the impacted systems."
  • "The university learned that the attackers may have gained access to some of its student's personal information, although there has been no evidence to suggest that any student information was viewed or misused by the attackers."
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Carmel Clay Schools notifying 15,817 after compromise of employee email accounts, Hamilton County

Breach Type – Unknown, Data Breach

  • ”On February 24, 2021, Carmel Clay Schools in Indiana discovered suspicious activity involving employee email accounts. Their investigation revealed that there had been unauthorized access between February 15 – February 24.”
  • ”On September 20, letters went out to 15,817 people who had their personal information in those compromised email accounts."
  • ”The district’s notification to the Maine Attorney General’s Office and to those affected does not reveal whether everyone affected was an employee, or if some of those affected may have been students or parents,"
  • “The information that could have been subject to unauthorized access includes name, address, medical information, and Social Security number."
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Eastern Hancock Hit with Ransomware Attack

Breach Type – Hacking, Ransomware

Greenfield Reporter

  • The Eastern Hancock Community School Corporation recently became the latest victim of a ransomware attack, prompting the school system to shut down its networks and cancel a day of school
  • There was no damage to or release of student or employee data, which is stored at an offsite location
  • The Eastern Hancock attackers had not yet made a ransom demand
  • The attack impacted a small portion of the school corporation’s internal network, but it was shut down to protect the rest of the network. On Monday, the internet, phones, printing and HVAC systems were shut down
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Logansport schools Investigating network hack

Breach Type – Hacking, Ransomware


  • Cyber forensics experts are investigating how hackers took control of a school corporation's network. Logansport Community School Corp. Supt. Michele Starkey says hackers accessed some information and held it for ransom
  • Hackers on April 11 shut down the internet and phone systems in every building in the Logansport school system, forcing the corporation to move to e-learning the next day
  • The hackers encrypted some information and asked for 13 Bitcoin in return for the decryption tool. The corporation's tech team took back control of the network and the information without paying the ransom
  • "We're working through the process and we do not believe that any secured information was gotten into or compromised."
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  • On April 27, Logansport Community School in Indiana reported that they were investigating how their network had been compromised by hackers on April 11
  • On May 8, @RansomAlert noted that Pysa threat actors had added the school district to their dedicated leak site
  • And now the threat actors have dumped data — approximately 40 GB of it. The dump consists of 140 compressed archives of files that are mostly documents. Many of the documents are old files
  • While there does appear to be some possible employee personnel information files, a quick skim does not uncover any major databases such as payroll or personnel information of staff or personal information of students
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Baugo Community Schools, Elkhart County

Breach Type – Unknown, DDoS

ABC 57

  • School district's ISP was hit during elaborate DDoS cyberattack
  • Bad actors continued attacks against the district
  • IT personnel, law enforcement, and network provider investigated
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Community School Corporation of Southern Hancock County, Hancock County

Breach Type – Unknown, Malware


  • Internet connections were taken out in malware cyberattack
  • Officials believed that personal information remained unaccessed
  • Local, county, and state law enforcement agencies were notified of the attack
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South Adams Schools District, Adams County

Breach Type - Unknown, Ransomware

Wane Local News

  • School district hit in ransomware cyberattack
  • Third party IT services were utilized for restoration
  • Classes remained overall unaffected and in session
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Penn-Harris-Madison schools, St. Joseph County

Breach Type – Unknown, Ransomware

South Bend Tribune

  • School network and servers affected in cyberattack
  • Officials stated that all internal networks were taken offline
  • District established temporary internet for student use
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South Knox School Corporation, Knox County

Breach Type – Unknown, Malware

WTHI - TV 10

  • Malware cyberattack used against Knox County, Indiana schools
  • Elementary school server remained down, affecting administration
  • Officials stated that they had been prepared for such an attack
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Northwestern Consolidated Schools, Shelby County

Breach Type - Unknown, Ransomware

Shelby County Post

  • Imperial County website hacked from exterior source
  • Network was attacked by Ryuk ransomware
  • Ransomware demanded payment in bitcoin, county refused payment
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South Madison Community School Corporation, Madison County

Breach Type - Malware

Pendleton Times Post

  • Two computer viruses infected School Corporation in October
  • Though virus sources remain unknown, the IT department was able to contain the malware
  • Many computers upgraded, though some devices were too old & were promptly replaced
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Indiana State University

Breach Type - Phishing

Tribune Star

  • 9 people potential targets in cyber-attack on university
  • Employee paycheck rerouted to a fraudulent bank account
  • Indiana State police and office of Information Technology worked to secure system
  • Advised employees to monitor direct deposit information
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