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Ransomware's Hidden Costs: What You Need to Know

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Cyber attacks are coming from every direction and aren’t slowing down. Public safety, critical infrastructure, and the medical field are all seeing an increase in targeted ransomware attacks. That includes dangerous tactics such as data exfiltration and double extortion as well.

According to a recent study, cybercrimes will cost companies an estimated $10.5 trillion, worldwide, by 2025. That is an increase from the $3 trillion it cost companies back in 2015.

A study by IBM revealed that it takes some companies up to 197 days to discover any sort of breach and then 69 days to contain it. The longer the discovery and response time to a cyber incident, the more it ends up costing.

The damage of a cyber attack isn’t done after discovery. Containing, responding, and recovering takes a lot of work. It affects your bottom line and your public relations.

What you’ll learn

  • More on the increase in ransomware incidents
  • The damage ransomware incidents leave behind
  • The clean-up involved after the attack
  • Tips for recovering and future prevention


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