Many Public Safety Agencies around the country have directly experienced the helpless feeling of seeing their Emergency Call Centers crippled by a cyber-attack. Unfortunately, we are constantly playing defense, and attacks in our industry have doubled year after year. Keeping your critical services going while fighting ransomware or other malicious viruses, is a daunting task. Having a Cyber Incident Response Plan is necessary to address the inevitable scenario in which a hacker gets past your cyber defenses. Your Agency likely has disaster recovery contingencies for tornadoes, fires, hurricanes and “cut” telephone lines. A cyber incident can be an equally severe disaster that should be treated with no less priority.

In this on-demand webinar, we discuss:

  1. The key elements of a Cyber Incident Response Plan
  2. Why a Cyber Incident check list keeps you focused on recovery
  3. How to make sure you know who to call (and when)
  4. How to get your Center or Agency back up and running as fast as possible