SecuLore™ OverWatch Cloud

Reimagining Innovation and Network Security in the Cloud

The visualization power of Paladin™ meets the cloud!
SecuLore's virtualized and tested SecuLore™ OverWatch Cloud is easily deployed in both hybrid and full cloud-based network envrionments.

Paladin Cloud Cybersecuritiy
Expert managed cybersecurity monitoring in the cloud

Cloud and hybrid network infrastructures demand a continuous and extensive cybersecurity-managed threat detection solution.

SecuLore meets this demand with a new and modern approach to better visualize the threat landscape within the cloud by taking our unique patented SecuLore™ Paladin cybersecurity monitoring technology and virtualizing it for cloud and hybrid network environments.

SecuLore™ OverWatch Cloud offers comprehensive visualization of cloud network activity with full forensic captures for detailed analysis by SecuLore’s expert cybersecurity certified SOC team.

What is Cloud Network Security Monitoring? 

Cloud security monitoring provides the availability to monitor both virtual and private servers for threats and vulnerabilities for cyber attacks. The advantage of cloud security monitoring is offering scalability as well as more visibility into the connections to the network.


Why You Need Third Party Continuous Monitoring

Virtualized Threat Detection and More

Cloud and hybrid network infrastructures demand a continuous and extensive cybersecurity-managed threat detection solution. 

As more network infrastructures become virtualized, there is a greater need for virtualized security options, including monitoring cloud environments.

Investing in independent third-party monitoring allows for critical visualization of your network from an invaluable and unbiased resource that is focused on watching your network 24x7x365 to monitor and detect threats that other internal tools and teams may otherwise miss. For protecting data in high-risk fields such as healthcare, public safety, critical infrastructure, and education, a third-party monitoring solution is essential.

Continuous monitoring tools from a third party allow threats to be assessed and helps build resilience in your network.


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Why OverWatch Cloud?

  • Dedicated cyber analysts who know your network
  • Cybersecurity monitoring and alert analysis 24x7x365
  • Cybersecurity network activity reports
  • Weekly in-depth customized report indicates vulnerabilities and remediation recommendations
  • Direct contact for critical vulnerabilities
  • SecuLore support included
  • Incident response
  • Lower infrastructure costs
  • Remote network traffic visualization and access to your network 24x7x365
  • Capture and save suspicious data
  • SecuLore™ Paladin locally stores data that can be accessed for in-depth forensic analysis with one click
  • Enhance your IT resources
    • Verify firewall configuration and security groups
    • Validate security protocols
    • Verify vendor network traffic
    • Validate compliance policy requirements
    • Identifies external and lateral traffic
    • Validate that closed networks are truly closed

Network Security Monitoring vs. Cloud Security Monitoring

Network security monitoring is critical in allowing you to observe and analyze traffic to determine indicators of potential threats to your network, as well as the data and assets stored.

SecuLore™ Paladin provides a physical network presence that monitors all IP-based traffic entering and leaving your network and gives you the ability to visualize this information for cyber awareness.

Traffic and security monitoring can be done through both on-premises security, using physical hardware tools, as well as software. On-premises network security uses both physical security measures as well as traditional IT practices that require separate layers of security.

Cloud-based network security monitoring centralizes security to protect information and assets through a cloud-based server. It brings everything together for easier traffic monitoring to detect anomalous behavior and identify potential vulnerabilities. Cloud security monitoring offers a scalable virtualized software with seamless deployment.

Customizable and Scalable for Any Cloud or Hybrid Environment

SecuLore™ OverWatch Cloud provides a cloud security monitoring solution that is customizable to each customer cloud environment, as well as a hybrid network security monitoring solution that combines cloud and on-premise security infrastructure. The technology looks for cyber threats and pinpoints areas to improve your network and fortify your security cloud architecture.

Network security in the cloud with SecuLore™ OverWatch Cloud allows for rapid integration into the cloud environment with minimal time required for set up, lower infrastructure investments costs, centralizes everything seamlessly and takes the burden off your IT staff.


Protect Your Cloud Network Today with SecuLore™ OverWatch Cloud

We offer the next level of monitoring by implementing behavioral-based cybersecurity designed to identify threats that are often missed by other layers of security. Utilizing our experience with the cyberattacks we witness across the country, we continually evolve our methods to stay a step ahead of cyber threats.

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