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Our Story

At this time, upwards of 90% of 9-1-1 calls are made wirelessly, and public safety agencies have since continued to take steps to evolve their communications technology through Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG9-1-1), an initiative that seeks to upgrade and improve 9-1-1 infrastructure. This program naturally exposes the public safety community to cyber threats.

We cyber-protect those who protect us

Where we started

SecuLore Solutions' founder, Tim Lorello, had a vision to begin his cybersecurity business by first protecting those most vulnerable and valuable; our nation's public safety infrastructure. Starting in a small office in Odenton, Maryland, Tim Lorello and Alexander Lorello, SecuLore's Chief Engineer, invented SecuLore™ Paladin, SecuLore's patented cybersecurity product that monitors and visualizes network traffic. Sean Scott - SecuLore's CTO and cyber warfare specialist - designed and built Paladin's hardware and continues to do so to this day.

Tim Lorello, Sean Scott, and Alexander Lorello

Left to Right:  Tim Lorello, Founder,  Sean Scott, CTO, and Alexander Lorello, Director of  Engineering


The collaboration between Tim Lorello, Alex Lorello and Sean Scott yielded an innovative product with advanced technological capabilities for visualizing network traffic and detecting cyber threats.   


Innovation & Technology: Pushing the Envelope

Cyber attacks have been a long-standing issue in technologically advanced systems and organizational network infrastructures. Tim Lorello recognized the need to solve this issue focusing on the cybersecurity challenges facing the public safety critical infrastructure. With the help of Alex Lorello and Sean Scott and their strong expertise in software and hardware design, Tim actively pursued the building of an innovative solution designed to protect public safety networks. Today our proprietary cyber monitoring and visualization solution is easily implemented across all network platforms within all industry verticals.


In-depth forensic data capture

November 2016 - A county government, concerned about the cyber-posture of their 9-1-1 system, brought in SecuLore Solutions for a CyberBenchmark™, an in-depth cybersecurity assessment. In order to capture the county’s current risk, SecuLore™ Paladin was connected to the county’s network for cyber-monitoring.  The Paladin was implemented prior to a major cyber incident within the county network, during which it was monitoring and collecting information. was captured, and SecuLore's Paladin powerful meta data capture recorded the entire process of the cyber attack, providing invaluable information for in-depth forensics. The response team was then able to execute an efficient and effective incident remediation. 

Mini MVP

SecuLore continues to evolve and adapt product and services to meet the challenges of the ever-increasing sophisticated cyber threats.