There are so many demands on your limited 9-1-1 funds. Now you must add Cybersecurity – a new draw on your resources that can have horrible consequences if not addressed (just ask the hundreds of agencies that learned this the hard way). We all know that we must address our Cybersecurity issues. So why are we up to 365 state/local Cyber Incidents that have impacted government functions over the last 2 years (doubling each year)? The number one problem that victims of cyber-crime cite is lack of funding to do the things that they know they needed to do. How can you find the funds to pay for these much-needed capabilities?

In this on-demand webinar, we hit this topic head on; you will learn:

  • Federal funding sources for your cybersecurity needs
  • Typical State funding sources for cybersecurity
  • How to expand your cybersecurity funding options
  • Techniques for getting the money you need from local sources