Hackers constantly try to find ways to get you to take “urgent” action – click this link now, quickly download this document, take this immediate action. As a result, hot topics in the news are often used by hackers to accomplish this goal of creating urgency. Unfortunately, we currently find ourselves in a melting pot of critical issues. But take heart – education statistically makes you 40% safer. Watch this on demand webinar where you can receive useful education that will keep you more cyber-safe.

In this webinar, we will explore:

  1. How Hackers are using the panic around Coronavirus in their phishing email scams and web-site “drive by” techniques
  2. Best practices for cyber-protecting yourself and your agency when working remotely
  3. How state actors are employing Advanced Persistent Threats to try to influence our elections
  4. Which methods Hackers are using to trick you into sharing personal information or infecting your access devices during tax season
  5. How to calmly and safely deal with the bombardment of urgent news – don’t be deceived or tricked into taking unwise action