You've read all the headlines:

  • Russians Try to Hack Elections
  • Wannacry Ransomware Infects Millions of Systems
  • 'Petya’ Ransomware Hits at Least 65 Countries
  • $1 Billion in Cyber Ransoms Paid in 2016


Cyber attacks have become big news, and our public safety infrastructure is feeling the effects. Police departments and 911 systems have been hit in 20 different states already.

Watch our on-demand webinar where we will take a closer look at how hackers are trying to affect our public safety networks and focus on the areas where they've already succeeded.

Learn from previous examples of how hackers can:

  • Scan your public safety networks - What are the telltale signs and how do you block them?
  • Send phishing emails - Which ones are working and how do we stop them?
  • Use ransomware attacks - Which variants are hitting the hardest and how do you thwart them?
  • Attack your servers and web sites - Which are most vulnerable and how do you shore up your defenses?
  • Deposit Advanced Persistent Threats - What they do, how they work and how do you root them out?

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