You just purchased the latest and greatest Next Generation Firewall and are ready to protect your Public Safety Agency from the nastiest cyber threats out there – at least that is what you thought. Despite your purchase, your network may still have Advanced Persistent Threats lurking; may still have Cryptojacking software on your CAD; may still succumb to a Remote Desktop Protocol attack that brute-force hacks your CAD; may miss the lateral Ransomware attack on your 911 CPE from your Web permit server. How could this happen? The best firewalls can be bypassed by sophisticated phishing attacks or unpatched servers exposed to the internet. Hackers can penetrate a firewall where the rules are entered too broadly or where the complex rules made mistakes easy to make. In short, Hackers Love Your Misconfigured Firewalls.

In this on-demand webinar, we discuss how hackers have managed to bypass strong firewall protections, and how to properly configure your firewalls for stronger cyber-defense. We will focus on:

  • Actual examples of Public Safety Agencies whose firewalls were compromised 
  • How phishing attacks can bypass strong firewalls 
  • How servers exposed to the internet can bypass strong firewalls 
  • How mistakes in a firewall rule can expose your network to hackers 

As usual, we keep our focus lightly technical so that managers, telecommunicators and technicians alike can take away useful information for your Agencies to implement. We will explain methods to protect yourselves which include having good policies, improving team communications, implementing cross-checks, adding monitoring and ensuring good network segmentation.