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October 17 - 18, 2019
The Grand Hotel
Ocean City, MD

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Mid-Eastern APCO Fall Training Symposium

See Charleigh & Ron at the SecuLore table on Oct 17 & 18!

President & CEO Tim Lorello Speaking Thursday, Oct 17th, 1:30PM - 2:30PM:

Cybersecurity Awareness for Public Safety
Everyone uses a computer, so everyone needs cybersecurity training. As the industry moves to NG9-1-1 and mobile broadband, cybersecurity becomes even more vital to the day-to-day operations of our PSAPs and communication centers. When a cyberattack is launched, reaction time is critical to recovery. Do you know the warning signs and best actions to take if your computer is impacted? This session will expand your knowledge about the evolving cyber threats facing our nation's PSAPs and how, as individuals, we can all help reduce the threat by improving our daily routines related to cyber behavior.

Texas Public Safety Conference Logo
October 21 - 23, 2019
Great Wolf Lodge
Grapevine, TX

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Texas Public Safety Fall Training Conference 2019

CTO Sean Scott Speaking in Two Sessions:

Wednesday, Oct 23th:

10:00AM - 11:00AM 
Preparing ECC Leadership for Cyber Attacks

11:00AM - 12:00PM
Cybersecurity Awareness for Public Safety

Virginia 2018 Conference Logo
October 23 - 25, 2019
Hotel Roanoke
Roanoke, VA

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2019 VA APCO/NENA/Interoperability Conference

See Charleigh & Aubrey at SecuLore's Booth #311 on Oct 23 & 24!

President & CEO Tim Lorello Speaking Friday, Oct 25th, 9:45AM – 10:45AM:

How Hackers Infiltrate Our Public Safety Infrastructure
Cyber attacks have become big news, and our public safety infrastructure is feeling the effects. In moving from E9-1-1 to NG9-1-1, cybersecurity is a top concern. However, Criminals, Hacktivists, and Terrorists are already targeting local governments and Public Safety. In the last 24 months, SecuLore Solutions has recorded over 300 publicly reported cyber-attacks to local governments and public safety. Attend this session to learn the details of these past attacks. Dive into how hackers have infiltrated E9-1-1 systems, and how we can prepare now to make NG9-1-1 more secure.

ID PSAP Conference 2019-1
October 28 - 30, 2019
Riverside Hotel
Garden City, ID

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8th Annual Idaho PSAP Conference

President & CEO Tim Lorello Speaking in Two Technical Panels:

Wednesday, Oct 30th:

10:00AM - 11:15AM 
Cybersecurity Round Table Discussion: Part 1

12:30PM - 1:45PM
Cybersecurity Round Table Discussion: Part 2