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March 4-8, 2019
Las Vegas Convention Center
Las Vegas, NV

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IWCE 2019

President & CEO Tim Lorello Speaking: 
Friday March 8th, 11:15AM – 12:30PM in room N257
Cybersecurity Challenges for Your Connected PSAP:

Our Public Safety infrastructure is evolving. PSAPs are preparing to receive multimedia and data from citizens in need of help, and First Responders are beginning to use FirstNet and other Public Safety Broadband networks. As our cities become smarter and we deploy Internet of Things devices both inside and outside our centers, we become ever more interconnected to IP-based networks. These advances bring great benefits to all parties: citizens, 911 telecommunicators, dispatchers, and first responders. However, they also bring new and different vulnerabilities for which public safety will need to be prepared. Discuss the seven cybersecurity challenges that our 9-1-1 centers face with this transition, how to address them, and what questions you should be asking your vendors. 

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Apr 14-17, 2019
Kalahari Resort
Sandusky, OH

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Ohio APCO/NENA Joint Conference

President & CEO Tim Lorello Speaking:
Monday April 15th, 9:30AM - 10:30AM

How Hackers Infiltrate Our Public Safety Infrastructure:

Cyber attacks have become big news, and our public safety infrastructure is feeling the effects. In moving from E9-1-1 to NG9-1-1, cybersecurity is a top concern. However, Criminals, Hacktivists, and Terrorists are already targeting local governments and Public Safety. In the last 24 months, SecuLore Solutions has recorded over 300 publicly reported cyber-attacks to local governments and public safety. Attend this session to learn the details of these past attacks. Dive into how hackers have infiltrated E9-1-1 systems, and how we can prepare now to make NG9-1-1 more secure.

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June 14-19, 2019
Gaylord Palms
Orlando, FL

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NENA 2019

President & CEO Tim Lorello Speaking: 
Date & Time TBD
Understanding End-to-End Cybersecurity in an i3 Environment

9-1-1 is evolving to an All-IP Next Generation system, and cybersecurity is a critical concern when anything using internet protocols can be attacked. In this session, we will reveal the importance of cybersecurity in an All-IP network, explore the cybersecurity challenges of NG9-1-1, and discuss key efforts surrounding NENA's ICE 9 end-to-end cybersecurity test in an i3 environment.