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What Lurks in the Shadows of Your Network?

Our presenters are experts in cyber warfare, network architecture, and ethical hacking, providing thought leadership on cybersecurity topics.

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What Lurks in the Shadows of Your Network?

Cyber threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated. The most dangerous threats are those that go undetected, mimicking products and patches or implementing the installation of hidden backdoor programs allowing continuous access to network systems and the controls of critical infrastructures. The goal of this type of cyber threat is not to create disruption to service or produce any detectable activity. By avoiding detection a threat can lay in wait for days, weeks, months, even years gathering information to carry out malicious activity such as lateral movement, network reconnaissance, stealing credentials, data exfiltration and other harm.  

 In this webinar our cybersecurity experts will explain APT methodologies and how to detect and effectively protect your organization from these damaging tenacious threats.

 In this webinar we discuss:
  • Advanced Persistent Threat (APT)
  • The evolving stages of an APT
  • How to detect whether you're a victim of an APT attack
  • Recovering from an APT attack
  • Preventing APT attacks

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