Indiana Cyber Attacks

Infrastructure Affected

Public Safety

Public Safety

Vigo County Sheriff’s Office & 911 Systems, Vigo County

Breach Type – Unknown, Malware


  • Vigo County Sheriff's Office victim of malware cyber attack
  • Officials stated that law enforcement services were not affected
  • Deputies forced to file paper reports, delays in email responses
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  • Sheriff's Office unsure how cyber attack occurred
  • Dispatch CAD systems were down due to malware virus
  • Phone lines were also taken out of commission
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Madison County

Breach Type - Ransomware

Wish TV

  • County commissioners vote about paying ransom to hackers
  • Most county office systems locked up, except ballots and voting records
  • Gov. claims 911 operations unaffected
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ARS Technica

  • Police captain states that everything was completed via pen and paper
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CSO Online

  • County pays ransom $21,000
  • Pays IT Contractors $198,000 to protect against future infections
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Local Government

Pike Township Government Systems, Marion County

Breach Type – Unknown, Malware


  • Township officials advised that Pike Township was victim of cyber attack
  • Pike Township government stated that IT department was working to restore data
  • Officials advised that emergency services remained fully operational
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Vigo County Government Systems, Vigo County

Breach Type - Unknown, Malware


  • A recent attack had delayed the operations of Vigo County but had not made outlasting effects on the total operations in the systems
  • The type of malware was uncertain but it was clarified that no demands for money were made
  • Initially the attack was detected on a network monitoring system that allowed for an early assessment and early actions
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La Porte County Government Systems

Breach Type – Unknown, Malware


  • Computer and email systems disabled by malware attack
  • Thankfully, the county commission authorized a cybersecurity policy last year
  • IT director and her team shut down computer systems as soon as malware was found
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Huntington County System, Huntington County

Breach Type - Hacking, Other

Indiana Economic Digest

  • Cartersville’s Huntington county system attacked, numerous devices infected
  • City's water department required full rebuild of system
  • Officials uncertain if personal or sensitive information was compromised
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Howard County Government Systems, Howard County

Breach Type - Unknown, Malware

Kokomo Tribune

  • Howard County government hit with virus targeting financial information
  • Malware affected courthouse, government building, and administration center, among others
  • Staff forced to make hand copies until network is restored
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Vigo County Government

Breach Type - Phishing, Malware


  • Hack left systems without internet activity for several days
  • Virus was leaked in through an email with the sole purpose to steal financial data
  • Data appears to be left untampered after systems fell onto backups
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Indiana National Guard

Breach Type - Ransomware


  • A state server with personnel information was subject to ransomware attack
  • Indiana national guard notified the affected individuals
  • The server contained information on civilian and military guard members
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McCordsville Manager Email Account, Hancock Co.

Breach Type - Phishing, Other

Greenfield Reporter

  • Town manager's email address hacked
  • Hackers used compromised accounts to send spam messages to residents
  • Malicious attachment distributed in mass email
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Federal Regulatory Energy Commission

Breach Type - Cryptojack/Other

Star Advertiser

  • Iranian consulting firm accused of hacking state and university computers
  • Hacking firm worked for years to infiltrate & steal government data
  • Computer breach extends to Hawaii & Indiana
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Michigan City Hall, Mayor's Administrator's Email

Breach Type - Phishing


  • Department received phone calls about suspicious emails sent from Mayor's Administrator
  • Malicious email sent to all contacts from Administrator's address book
  • Few people clicked link & those individuals are being closely monitored
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Indiana State Website

Breach Type - Cryptojack/Other


  • Over 4,200 victims hijacked to mine Monero cryptocurrency
  • Secretly hijacked using compromised plug-in called "Browsealoud"
  • Though sites were affected for hours, no user data was affected/compromised
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Hartford City

Breach Type - Phishing

The Star Press

  • West Virginia woman uses online scam to steal money from Hartford's municipal government
  • Tricked city clerk treasurer into wiring 16,000+ to someone posing as the city Mayo
  • Police recovered most of the funds from West Virginia woman, now charged with level 6 felony
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Fayette County

Breach Type - Hack

ndiana Economic Digest

  • Attacks on county email system
  • Employees locked out of email
  • Hacking attempts from China, Russia, Bulgaria, Romania
  • County begins process of backing up files on offline servers
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Franklin County Indiana Auditor System

Breach Type - Hack

Massive Alliance

  • Low financial systems used to track finances & took hit from attack
  • Franklin County remains private about attack details
  • Information at risk is unknown
  • Low Associates works toward a solution
  • Unsure if breach was remote or internal
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Marion & Brownsburg County

Breach Type - Ransomware

Fox 59

  • Ransomware hits Brownsburg library and Marion county fairgrounds
  • Ransomware locks up computer systems
  • Tech support tells administration they cannot do anything about the encrypted files
  • Hackers ask for $1,000 in bitcoin
  • Brownsburg pays ransom, fairgrounds refuse to pay ransom
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LaPorte County

Breach Type - Phishing

NWI Times

  • County employee opens email containing virus
  • County's server disabled for 3 days while virus was removed
  • Employees worked manually – delaying day to day business
  • LaPorte Co. purchases a cyber insurance policy for future preventative measures
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Howard County

Breach Type - Ransomware

Kokomo Perspective

  • Employees opened email with malicious ransomware virus
  • Infection spread through computer systems
  • IT department fixed damage
  • Backup files were offline, making them easy to restore
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Lutheran Health Network & Lutheran Hospital, Allen County

Breach Type - Malware

  • Computer virus attacked Lutheran Health Network
  • Lutheran Hospital placed on ambulance diversion as a result
  • Hospital canceled appointments during downtime due to virus
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Purdue University Pharmacy Tippecanoe Co. & Family Health Clinic of Carroll Co.

Breach Type - Hack

Journal & Courier Online

  • Purdue University Pharmacy discovered unauthorized access file installed on their server
  • No evidence data was exfiltrated or accessed
  • Purdue discovered Family Health of Carroll Co. Affected in malware scheme
  • Malware installed on computer which scans health insurance cards
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Allied Physicians of Michiana, St. Joseph County

Breach Type - Ransomware

South Bend Tribune

  • Ransomware variant known as Samsam – hits Allied Physicians of Michiana
  • Hired third-party to mitigate attack
  • Most systems restored without signifact disruption to patient care
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Adams Memorial Hospital

Breach Type - Ransomware


  • Network slowed and blanked before displaying word "sorry"
  • Ransom note indicates the ransomware variant is Samsam
  • IT working to fully restore servers, recovering patient data
  • Adams Memorial worked to ensure no interruption in patient care
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Hancock Health

Breach Type - Ransomware

Greenfield Reporter

  • Attack on servers causes Hancock Health to shut down
  • Hancock notified county emergency center
  • Anyone needing medical attention will be taken outside the county
  • Heavily affecting dispatchers and fire departments as they are forced to re-route patients
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Greenfield Reporter

  • Paid $55,000 ransom to hackers
  • From a business standpoint Hancock felt it was a small price to pay
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Waverly Health Center

Breach Type - Ransomware

KWAY Radio

  • Ransomware virus encrypted entire computer system
  • Waverly working to restore systems without paying ransom
  • Safe patient care is their number one priority
  • For the time being, paper documentation used instead of electronic
  • Rescheduled appointments that were not critical
  • No personal data believed to be compromised
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Orleans Medical Clinic

Breach Type - Hack

Data Breaches

  • Electronic health record data left unsecured after server was upgraded
  • Hackers gained access to this record for 22 days
  • Investigation could not conclude if hackers accessed personal data
  • Upon discovering the vulnerability, the clinic acted to secure the server
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DeKalb Health

Breach Type - Ransomware

Security Week

  • DeKalb spokesperson admitted temporary disruption on administrative server due to ransomware attack
  • DeKalb did not pay the ransom
  • No catastrophic damage to their networks
  • DeKalb acted to ensure its patients received best care during this time
  • Patients transferred & EMS was rerouted to other hospitals
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King's Daughters' Health

Breach Type - Ransomware

Becker's Hospital Review

  • Phishing email launches ransomware attack on King's Daughters' system
  • Systems shut down to fight ransomware attack
  • Health system officials believe only one user's files were compromised
  • Director of IT at King's Daughters, states that no patient data was compromised
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Northwestern Consolidated Schools, Shelby County

Breach Type - Unknown, Ransomware

Shelby County Post

  • Imperial County website hacked from exterior source
  • Network was attacked by Ryuk ransomware
  • Ransomware demanded payment in bitcoin, county refused payment
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South Madison Community School Corporation, Madison County

Breach Type - Malware

Pendleton Times Post

  • Two computer viruses infected School Corporation in October
  • Though virus sources remain unknown, the IT department was able to contain the malware
  • Many computers upgraded, though some devices were too old & were promptly replaced
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Indiana State University

Breach Type - Phishing

Tribune Star

  • 9 people potential targets in cyber-attack on university
  • Employee paycheck rerouted to a fraudulent bank account
  • Indiana State police and office of Information Technology worked to secure system
  • Advised employees to monitor direct deposit information
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