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Creating Cyber Resiliency: Policies, Procedures and Planning

Our presenters are experts in cyber warfare, network architecture, and ethical hacking, providing thought leadership on cybersecurity topics.



Cyber crimes and threats are evolving at a rapid rate in terms of complexity, frequency, and especially severity. Every organization and sector shares a common risk in being a target for attacks whether its being part of a supply chain to further escalate privileges, or working from the top down with spear phishing. Protecting your company’s network has never been more critical. 

Building a strong cyber resilience program within your network and organization is more important than ever. It gives you the ability to anticipate, hold up against, as well as recover and adapt to these evolving threats and attacks. 

Cyber resilience helps you defend against these attacks and mitigate the security, allowing your network to survive, function, avoid losing data, money and reputation damages.  

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  • Why all organizations are vulnerable
  • Immediate policies you can implement to optimize your ​ agency's cyber defense​
  • How to respond to a cyber incident with limited resources
  • Why third-party monitoring is necessary to combat cyber threats
  • Finding funding sources to enhance your organization's cybersecurity

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