Pulling Our Head Out of the Sand on Cybersecurity

SecuLore Solutions CEO Tim Lorello writes an article for The Daily Record on the effects of various cyber attacks on our public safety centers.

ABSTRACT: "The Ostrich Effect – we all succumb to it, and technology topics are subject to more than their fair share of it. How we came to believe that ostriches actually bury their heads in the sand when they see danger coming, I’ll never know. (Just to be clear – they don’t!) But, talk to someone about cybersecurity and watch how fast they hide."

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Cybersecurity Attacks Threaten 9-1-1 Response

SecuLore Solutions CEO Tim Lorello writes an article for United States Cybersecurity Magazine:

ABSTRACT: "Over 240 million 9-1-1 calls are made every year, with over 75% coming from wireless phones. Almost 6,000 public-safety answering points (PSAPs) field the calls and work in conjunction with approximately 70,000 police, fire, and emergency medical dispatch centers to send resources to those in need. All such centers across the country rely heavily on data systems to answer calls, manage resources, and maintain 24/7/365 operational status."

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