Counties and Cities across the country have been hit by crippling cyber-attacks and have made the news (far too frequently). Because so much of our Public Safety infrastructure is embedded in these networks, these attacks will often have a serious impact on our Public Safety response.

Key questions need to be asked and answered:

  1. How did the hackers get into the network?
  2. How did they spread (especially to 911 networks, which should be isolated)?
  3. What malware did they deposit?
  4. How did it impact Public Safety response?


In this webinar we address these questions and provide answers that can aid in protecting our public safety networks from these types of crippling attacks. We review the most prevalent exploit kits, the types of malware that hackers like to deposit, and the responses we have seen from cities, counties and agencies across the country.  Knowledge is power.  Watch the on-demand webinar to learn about cyber-attacks – an important step in improving the cybersecurity posture of your public safety agency.