SecuLore Solutions™ is passionate about protecting critical services from cyber criminals. Led by experts in both 9-1-1 technology and cyber warfare, our team partners with public safety, local governments, and IT teams to provide training, tools, and support needed to defend our public infrastructure from increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks.



Cybersecurity is an ever-growing concern in the 21st century, and Public Safety agencies are particularly vulnerable and valuable targets for cyber criminals. Scores of Public Safety agencies across the country have been severely impacted by cyber-threats and have quickly become part of an FBI-documented, multi-billion-dollar cost.

They target our:

  • 911 Public Safety Answering Points
  • Law Enforcement
  • Fire Departments & EMS Centers
  • Hospitals
  • Critical Infrastructure

With more and more devices connected to the internet, the Public Safety infrastructure is not as secure or as closed as sometimes believed. Each networked device is a potential entry point for a cyber attacker, and managing security for every device that can potentially connect to the network is overwhelming. Criminals and state-sponsored actors across the globe find these vulnerabilities and exploit them, launching cyber-attacks at an ever-increasing pace. They want to disrupt your communications and they intend to impact your emergency response.

Combating these threats is a complicated endeavor, but we have developed a simple philosophy to meet this challenge: MVP


Utilizing this concept of "MVP", we offer Public Safety professionals services that build on existing security architecture, as well as a variety of information resources, such as webinars and training, to keep you informed and aware of new threats as they arise. Stay one step ahead of the hackers with SecuLore Solutions!

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Join us September 11th at 2:00pm EDT

Should You Pay The Ransom?

Too often we read news articles about counties and cities that have been hit by ransomware. In many of these instances, public safety has also been affected. These local governments and agencies must face a difficult decision: "Should we pay the ransom?" This topic of “paying the cyber-criminal’s extortion demands” has not been given a very deep analysis, especially considering the impact of these attacks. As part of a good Incident Response Plan, this topic should be addressed in advance of the emotion surrounding a cyber-crisis.

Should You Pay The Ransom

Key questions that need to be asked and answered:

  • Can you trust the hacker to provide the encryption keys?
  • What are the possible good reasons for paying the ransom?
  • Will paying really reduce costs or speed up recovery?
  • What “unintended consequences” might result?
  • How does cyber-insurance influence the decision-making process?

In this Webinar, we will debate this topic and provide multiple perspectives: law enforcement, cybersecurity, cost-benefit, public relations, speed-of-recovery and others. Though there may not be a hard-and-fast answer, we will discuss the parameters to consider, making it easier to rationally address the issue in advance of any cyber incident. Public Safety Agencies are experts at “being prepared” – we encourage you to join us and make this another facet of your preparation, improving the cybersecurity posture of your public safety agency.


Knowledge is the first line of defense against cyber crime. Mark your calendars - every 2nd Wednesday of the month we will be bringing a new cybersecurity topic focused on issues facing Public Safety today!

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