We Cyber Protect Our Nation's Critical Infrastructure, Building Upon Expertise Defending 9-1-1

At SecuLore, our mission is to cyber-protect our nation's critical infrastructure. Led by experts in 9-1-1 technology, cyber warfare, and ethical hacking, our team provides the technology, expertise, and training needed to defend customers from increasingly sophisticated cyber threats.


Solutions Designed to Protect Critical Networks

Seculore offers proven cybersecurity solutions that complement your existing IT strategies. These solutions have been applied throughout our growing client base and are tailored to fit specific cybersecurity needs across all industries. 

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SecuLore™ Paladin, Our Patented Proprietary Product, Offers the Next Level of Continuous Monitoring and Threat Detection

SecuLore Paladin is a leading edge agentless cybersecurity product designed for easy and rapid installation into existing network management systems. We utilize SecuLore Paladin technology in all of our product solutions.

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Proven Solutions

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In-Depth Vulnerability Assessments

NIST recommendations state that every organization should conduct regular, in-depth cybersecurity vulnerability assessments regularly to limit risk against cyber threats. Learn how you can receive complete forensic analysis for your network to implement remediation recommendations that harden systems against cyber threats.

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Immediate Incident Response Deployment

In the event of a cyber incident you need a trusted ally with experience at providing an efficient and expedient resolution. SecuLore's Cyber Strike Force™ quickly and effectively responds to help your organization thwart cyber threats, providing 24/7 support throughout critical incidents.

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Personnel Training:
Your First Line of Defense

Training programs for all levels of IT expertise are necessary to keep your staff at their best. A dynamic combination of SecuLore's highly specialized expertise and FCC, DHS, and NIST industry standards prepare clients for a wide scope of cybersecurity scenarios. 

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Ever Evolving & Expanding

Latest Company Successes

Developing technological advancements in cybersecurity, we continue to evolve and adapt to an ever changing threat landscape.

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Rapidly Expanding
Partnership Program

Our partner program has more than doubled in the past year, and we have launched our Partner Hub for our valued partners.

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100% Customer Satisfaction
in Incident Response

Our expert incident response teams consistently bring prompt and effective results to clients in crisis.

  • Expanded into new market verticals
  • Servicing clients in 27 states
  • New products launching developed in collaboration with CISA
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SecuLore is working with DHS S&T to help improve the resiliency of our nation's critical emergency communication infrastructure.

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Recognized by DHS

SecuLore Solutions is Awarded R&D Project by DHS S&T

Using data collection techniques and predictive analysis SecuLore, has been examining network traffic to provide real time behavioral threat analysis.  SecuLore establishes customized remediation steps based on informative metadata gathered by our proprietary technology. We are honored to be working with the Department of Homeland Security Science & Technology and are currently involved in several DHS pilot programs. This research project complements CISA's activities to harden critical communication systems against cybersecurity attacks. 

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